New Work

For my man Loe Pesci’s album GOODX2

Click the link below for the track it’s for…buy this shit!


Playboy Energy Drink Canada Art Director!

So proud and humbled to announce my appointment of Art Director for Playboy Energy Drink Canada. I am blessed to be part of such an amazing team. We will continue to kick everyone’s ass by providing not only a quality, tasty energy drink, but also a unique lifestyle experience to anyone who ever attends one of our vibrant events, Playboy bunnies included…

Oh my little bunnies….Launch @ Level NightClub in Kelowna.

Playboy Energy Drink Brand Launch @ Sugar Studios

Teaser images for the Playboy Energy Canada installation…

I’m gonna funk the sh*t out of this background. As far as the vintage Playboy cover portraits, not having the original issues, the resolution of the images is so low, I been struggling with them but I’m glad to say I’m finally winning the battle and everything will turn up just fine.

The amazing thing is that I get to legally use any Playboy content with permission, and I have ACTUALLY been enjoying their energy drink quite a bit. I drink about 4 of them daily, then again I’m pushing myself about 16 to 18 hours a day every day to catch up for the time lost during my little “episode”…geez…stay tuned for the final pics!!!

How long till i finish? Dont ask…Updates to the work @ Chinois Yaletown and Pierre’s, a little gold leafing @ Caffe Artigiano next on my menu this week. I’m gonna stop being a cyber-hermit and post images…

Mr Lee’s General Store & Haberdashery Sign

I produced this sign quite a while ago, it is such a treat to finaly see it up there! Two of my favorite people in the world work here. Owner and Master Barber Dustin Fishbook and the great blues-rocker Rich Hope keep it real in the fullest sense of the term!

Click here to check out Mr Lee’s website.

Click here for the Belmont Barbershop site.

Amazing video of Mayan High Priest…So Inspiring…


Mural for MaxHire in Gastown

Wooster Collective post.

I really can’t describe how happy I am about this. First of all I’m happy for Milan Basic, who originally painted the mural. I’m also really excited because I painted the QR code with some youths and I can only imagine what this will do to their confidence.

This was a selfless act of kindness, I don’t think I ever posted anything about it on the internet. I don’t even have a picture yet! The way the world works…unbelievable!

Click HERE for the full post on Wooster Collective…