Chinois Yaletown Opens!

The Zodiacs of the Shanghai Society

Mixed Media on 9 wood panels – 2011

The inspiration came from the 1930’s Shanghai Society posters. I used some current Chinese newspapers as the first layer. I wanted to make my own interpretation of such posters, but used some very traditional Chinese zodiac paper cut art to set my design apart. Shouts outs to Peter Girges, Anthony Pratt, Gordon, Jimmy, Christian, and the whole crew, best of luck for 2012.


One thought on “Chinois Yaletown Opens!

  1. Hey Vince,

    This might sound odd, but I work for a television show that was filming at Chinois and I’d like to ask for your permission to show your art that’s hung inside. Without your permission, we would have to blur it. Hope to hear from you soon.


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