Teaser images for the Playboy Energy Canada installation…

I’m gonna funk the sh*t out of this background. As far as the vintage Playboy cover portraits, not having the original issues, the resolution of the images is so low, I been struggling with them but I’m glad to say I’m finally winning the battle and everything will turn up just fine.

The amazing thing is that I get to legally use any Playboy content with permission, and I have ACTUALLY been enjoying their energy drink quite a bit. I drink about 4 of them daily, then again I’m pushing myself about 16 to 18 hours a day every day to catch up for the time lost during my little “episode”…geez…stay tuned for the final pics!!!

How long till i finish? Dont ask…Updates to the work @ Chinois Yaletown and Pierre’s, a little gold leafing @ Caffe Artigiano next on my menu this week. I’m gonna stop being a cyber-hermit and post images…


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