Born and raised in Montreal, I zigzagged my way out west in my late teens via freight trains, living a life of petty crime and public destruction. I got out of the chaotic lifestyle to impress a girl about a decade ago and embarked on a journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and learned to love the world and people in it. This is something I continually try to improve at. In this process I somehow convinced others of my creative abilities and I am humbled with my various positions with leading brands.


2012 City of Vancouver Urban Design Panel, Arts Representative

2012 Pamela Groberman Media and Public Relations, Creative Director

2012 true HUE Enterprises Inc, Visual Arts Consultant

2012 Playboy Energy Drink Canada Art Director (self appointed Brand Ambassador, j/k)

2012 Restart Restorative Justice Art Program Advisory Board Member

2012 Founder, Director, Canadian Foundation for Creative Development and Innovation (non-profit)


In my view, art is at its core the expression of consciousness. I find the peak of my creativity in meditation and I have certainly adapted my artwork to reflect my spiritual development. My interest in sculpture is derived from the intention of creating pieces with a talisman-like force on their viewers. I have actually embedded consciously charged energies in recent works. The effects happen on a very “quantum” like level, and based on well documented scientific research, could only be noticed by a subject who is welcoming to them. Interestingly, these energies have an impact on the subconscious of the viewers whether they like it or not, and I would never even consider playing with these forces outside of absolute love, respect and positivity. A skeptic would read this and say “bullshit”, and its probably better that way!

I will continue to produce such works, and to move towards this direction.

I also have a fascination for “undetected” art within the community. Random things ranging from old gold leafed apartment building names, aged hand painted signs or even random notes I find around town.


As can be seen in the Signs page, I paint them myself, so I’ve always got my eyes opened for new concepts, new styles. The dying trade of sign painting is a great example of how we are loosing interest and respect for true craftsmen, thinking technology is always the better, more cost effective way. Vinyl is not as long-lasting, and has NO funk. I really don’t understand how someone can feel okay about putting a gold sticker in a window and call themselves high-end. My clients understand, and I love them for it.


I am mostly self-taught although I have completed an automotive refinishing program at the Vancouver Community College as well as a multitude of pin-striping, airbrushing, automotive gold leafing workshops in Las Vegas with some of the world renowned artists such as Blake McCully, Craig Fraser, Doug Dorr and Gary Jensen. I have also worked in leading woodworking and automotive shops learning various production and finishing processes alongside accomplished craftsmen and carpenters. Most notably, UrthWurks Furniture in Richmond, B.C. where I assisted in finishing and top-coating works for the Rodney Graham Studio under the guidance of the legendary Tony Miliares III.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Vincent, I’m Jessie’s Uncle David (aka Guitar Dave). She sent me your site and I’m truly touched by your sentiments, art, and it’s positive vibes and direction. Keep up the high manifestation of evolving consciousness. Be well and prosper! Congrats on the success you’ve had. No doubt, more to come. Sincerely & namascar, David Barudin

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